Are Security Screens a Good Idea for Businesses?

Many business owners, as well as office managers, worry about the potential for criminal activity on their premises. Although there is little you can do about petty crime that occurs from employees, there are plenty of security measures you can take which will improve your ability to combat external crime. Upgrading your locks or installing a surveillance system are two such measures available to every Australian businessman and woman. However, you may not have considered security screens as a part of your office's crime prevention strategy. Even though security screens are usually found in residential properties, they are just as useful in commercial settings. What are the main benefits your business can derive from them?

An Attractive Look

To begin with, some business owners are put off the idea of installing security screens because they think they will attract unwanted attention. It is fair to say that things like security doors and screens are commonly associated with places like banks and high-security vaults where there are valuables to safeguard. That said, modern security screen designs are much better than they used to be and will not look out of place in a conventional office setting. This should help to reassure concerns from staff members who do not want to work in a place that resembles a fortress.

Better Aeration

When people are working at your business premises, they will often want to open the window to ensure that plenty of fresh air can get in. If they do so, then your whole place of work is more susceptible to would-be intruders. Rather than turning the air conditioning on and making office workers sit in stale air all day, it is better to fit screens over the windows. This will allow them to be opened fully during the working day, which makes for a healthier workplace. In short, they will help to improve your productivity, as the working environment will be improved and fewer airborne germs will be passed on from one employee to another.

The Deterrent Effect

Although subtly installed security screens and doors often go unnoticed by opportunistic thieves, they will be seen by professional criminals. When a burglar is assessing where to enter a building illegally, it is usual for the softest entry point to be targeted. If you have screens fitted over your windows and main entry points, then most criminals will simply move on and find a less-well-protected commercial property instead.

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