4 Evergreen Citrus Trees For Your Garden

If you're thinking of adding some productive trees to your garden, evergreen citrus trees are a great option. They offer year-round green foliage to brighten your outdoor space and delicious, healthy citrus fruits for you to pick fresh each day during the growing season. Many evergreen citrus trees are dwarf or semi-dwarf varieties, which means they don't grow taller than 3 metres. This makes them ideal for residential gardens, and they can also be pruned to grow along fences and walls, which prevents them from taking up too much space in small gardens. Some varieties can also be grown in large pots on patios. Here are four evergreen citrus trees for you to consider:

Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon trees are small and hardy. They can be grown in pots or planted out in soil with good drainage. This citrus tree is a heavy cropping variety that produces small, juicy lemons that aren't as acidic as other common varieties. These lemons are good for juicing and baking with, and they are ripe for picking in autumn.

Blood Orange

Blood orange trees have long, pointed leaves that grow in clusters down each branch to the trunk. They are a striking addition to any garden, and during the summer months, they are covered in sweet-smelling blooms. Blood oranges can be picked from autumn onwards and have a distinctive red flesh. The oranges are delicious eaten on their own and make a colourful addition to a fruit salad.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime trees will only grow to around 1 metre in height and have a unique leaf growth pattern. New leaves grow from the tips of the old leaves, which is delightful to observe. The leaves have an aromatic scent, which can repel some bugs including mosquitoes. The small green fruits are widely used in South Asian cooking, and the zest of the kaffir lime is a key ingredient in many curry pastes.

Ruby Grapefruit

Ruby grapefruit trees have broad leaves that are zesty green in colour and can be grown in partial shade or full sun. This is an ideal citrus tree for a kitchen garden, as it produces attractive orange-skinned fruit that tastes like a cross between a standard grapefruit and a mandarin.  

These are just a few varieties of evergreen citrus trees that can be grown in residential gardens. Buying established trees can be costly, but the return is no doubt worth the initial investment. If you're buying a few trees, ask your local wholesale tree nursery about their wholesale policy. Many tree nurseries will offer wholesale prices to the general public if a few trees are being bought, as this helps them move stock and provide their customers with a positive experience of using their business.