Reasons To Install Plantation Shutters In Your Home

Renewing your window coverings is an excellent way to transform the appearance of your home. With different styles available, it can be hard to know which to choose. Here are several reasons to invest in plantation shutters.

Light Control

These shutters fit snugly within window frames, so they can block every flicker of light from outside if you wish. This will allow you to maintain a dark bedroom — you'll be able to luxuriate in a peaceful slumber that the rising sun can't disturb. You'll also have precise control over the amount and direction of light rays that enter by adjusting the louvre angle. Thus, if glare is making your computer screen unreadable, a blade adjustment can redirect incoming light rays towards the ceiling. An additional benefit is that you can preserve furnishings from fading in direct sunlight while maintaining an overall bright ambience.

Different Materials

Shutters are available in materials such as timber, aluminium, and PVC. Wood evokes a warm atmosphere with its raw, natural look. This material, however, doesn't fare well in humid places like bathrooms as it can rot or warp. Another option, aluminium can handle moist environments by naturally repelling corrosion. PVC presents another bathroom alternative. It can mimic faux wood shutters, allowing you to achieve an alluring timber aesthetic without its drawbacks.

Versatile Design

Plantation shutters perfect many different home styles, including traditional, rustic or modern. They're available in different colours: in neutrals such as white and beige and also in hues like dusky pink and bright blue. Both PVC and aluminium models offer a wide range. When selecting your window coverings, you could echo the wall hue with the shutters to create a sleek impression — this will downplay transitions between the wall and windows. Otherwise, adopt a bolder look with an option that contrasts and stands out.

Provide Security

As well as checking light flow and privacy, shutters boost security. Some models offer locking mechanisms. Thus, any would-be burglars will face an extra layer when attempting to break into your home.    

Reduce Energy Bills

The snug fit of plantation shutters within a window frame helps to create an energy-efficient home. They efficiently block out the summer heat and help to keep toasty winter-warmth inside. Thus, you'll save on both heating and cooling costs.

Overall, plantation shutters allow precise control of daylight while beautifying your home. Plus, with diverse materials on offer, you can install them in multiple rooms, and they'll make your home safer and more secure as well.

For more information on shutters, reach out to a local window company.