Top Features to Look for in a Modern Awning Design

Awnings are designed to protect you and your furniture from rain, direct sunlight, bugs and debris. Additionally, awnings can improve the aesthetics of your space without compromising on the view. However, with so many brands in the market today, it can be challenging to find the right awnings for your outdoor space. That said, recent technologies have improved awning designs significantly and made the selection process easy for homeowners. This article explores critical design features to look for in a modern awning design.

Track Guided System

Traditional awnings require a pulley system, rope or chain for operation. While the features are not difficult to use, they make an awning to look busy, which is not appealing, particularly if you want a clean finish. Moreover, chains, pulleys and ropes might be a safety hazard in homes with kids. Modern awnings feature a track-guided system instead of chains and ropes. The track-guided system allows for effortless operation of awnings and eliminates the risk associated with a rope-operated awning. However, you must ensure that the track remains clean at all times to prevent obstructions and damage.

Guided Stops

Homeowners should establish how high or low an awning goes. For instance, if you want to block the sun but still enjoy some fresh air, you should lock an awning halfway. While most awnings have this capability, the locking mechanism may not be user friendly, especially in models that require you to secure an awning with a rope. Furthermore, the locking systems do not guarantee that an awning will stay in place. However, modern awning designs feature guided stops that make it easy to draw the awning at any height. All you have to do is pull-down or push-up an awning and leave it at the desired height. Besides, the locking system ensures that an awning stays in place regardless of wind intensity.  

Optional Lock Bar

Locking an awning is essential when you want to cover your window fully. Notably, the locking mechanism in most awnings is located at either the centre or the lower bars. However, it would be nice if you had awnings that allowed you to lock and unlock them from both the centre and the sides. Luckily, modern awning designs come with an optional lower bar that features side-locks. Therefore, you do not have to walk to the centre of an awning to unlock or lock it because you can do so from the sides.  

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