Five Biggest Trends For Indoor Shutters

If you are wanting to give your home and windows a refresh or a makeover, shutters are a great way to refresh your windows without having to undertake major renovations. They have the ability to modify the appearance of a room by adding shape and texture to the space. If you are thinking about updating your indoor shutters, here are the top five trends for indoor shutters.

1. Indoor Shutters In High Contrast Shades

Indoor window shutters are often thought of as purely functional rather than aesthetically appealing. However, while shutters are a practical way to let in and keep out light, shutters that stand out and make an impact are on the rise in popularity. Think dark rich shades of blue, navy, emerald green and even black for high-contrast shutters that stand out.

2. Cafe-Style Indoor Shutters

Cafe-style indoor shutters are a new trend in shutters. This recent design has a European influence, drawing on chic Parisian cafes and Italian eateries. As a result of their substantial but modern design, the thick rungs of this shutter design provide your home with additional privacy, as well as a distinctive curbside appeal. 

3. Island Resort Style Shutters

Shutters that fold out, island resort-style, are a big trend. Not only do they have a unique look that catches the eye, but because of the angle they face from the house, they can also be used to provide protection from the elements. If you live near a beach, on the coast or on an island part of Australia, this style can be a great addition to your home.

4. Wooden Indoor Shutters

Wooden shutters are always a classic look, but they will continue to be popular thanks to the fact that they may be created from natural, recyclable materials that are ecologically friendly. Interior design trends include an emphasis on eco-friendly and natural aesthetics. Consult with a shutter professional to determine which recyclable wood is the most appropriate for your budget and house style.

5. Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters that allow easy access from indoor to outdoor entertaining spaces are trending. They are a lightweight but sturdy design that gives your home that classic and chic French door look. 

There are many styles and options for indoor shutters. If you are thinking about updating your indoor shutters, keep in mind the above shutter trends and chat with a friendly shutter specialist for more information.