Tips On Cleaning Your Shower Screen

Your shower screen helps to prevent shower water from getting onto the floor. If not attended to, shower screens end up accumulating mould and watermarks. It is advisable to wipe down your shower screen on a weekly basis to keep it fresh and clean.

While there are different types of glass used on shower screens, these tips work on all types of glasses. Here's what you need to do to get started.

1. Prevent flooding the bathroom floor

Before you begin, place a towel on the floor to catch any drops of water from the screen while you clean. Take a bucket of water with a multi-purpose cloth and wet your shower screen. Make sure the cloth is clean before using it on the screen.

2. Spray Detergent on the Screen

Use a detergent to clean the screen and to remove stubborn stains. Use a gentle detergent in a spray bottle to make the cleaning process easier. It is advisable to add a small amount of white vinegar to stop any smearing that may occur as you gently scrub the screen. While cleaning, squirt the entire shower screen as evenly as possible.

3. Scrub The Screen

Scrubbing a glass shower screen should be done gently and in a strategic manner. Always use your non-scratch scrubber/scourer to scrub the screen, as this will ensure no scratches or other forms of damage are etched into the glass. It is best to use a zigzag motion when cleaning and to go from top to bottom. If you have any troubled areas, you can use a scrubbing brush.

4. Squeegee

Using a squeegee is a very effective technique when you start with a wet screen. Be sure to spray detergent on the screen before using a squeegee. Next, grab your squeegee and a dry cloth. Start at the top with the squeegee and work your way down to the bottom. Dry the blade off with the cloth so you don't bring the water back up to the top of the shower screen.

5. Use Baby Oil

Another helpful tip is to use some baby oil on your shower screen. Take a multipurpose cloth and fold it into squares. Folding it this way simply allows you to have multiple clean sections of the cloth that you can wipe the shower screen with.

Apply just a bit of the baby oil on the cloth and wipe down your screen. This helps prevent smears or fog build-up when you're showering.