4 Reasons to Choose Overlay Kitchen Cabinets Over Inset Kitchen Cabinets

During a kitchen renovation, you might not give as much thought to your cabinets as you give to things like your countertops and appliances. That's a real shame, since the cabinets you choose are going to make a big impact on how the kitchen feels. When you're picking out those cabinets, there's one major decision you need to make: overlay or inset? The difference is easy enough to understand. Overlay cabinets have their doors fitted over the cabinet; when you look at them from the side, you see the cabinet door as a separate part. [Read More]

Advantages of Self-Storage When Downsizing

Self-storage units really come into their own when you are planning to move from a larger property to a smaller one. This is the same when it comes to personal use as it is for business storage. Moving to a smaller home or business premises usually means compromising on the items you can fit in with you. Nevertheless, selling some of your possessions or stock can be a bad move because you often don't get anything like the sales price you'd like for items which are perfectly serviceable and worth hanging on to. [Read More]

How to Get a Floral Look In Your Home Rapidly

Adding floral wallpaper to your dining room or growing your own flowers in your garden to cut and display in your hallway are great ways of achieving a more flowery appearance with your home's interior design. The trouble with these - and other floral decoration techniques - is that they are not 'quick fixes'. What do you do if you want to make your home's interior more floral but to achieve instant results? [Read More]

How to Give Your Awnings a Thorough Clean

If you've just had new awnings installed on your house, you might be wondering how to keep them clean. Some awnings cannot be removed, but it's certainly not impossible or even all that difficult to give your awnings a thorough cleaning. It takes some basic equipment and a fair amount of elbow grease, but soon enough your home's awnings will be clean and bright again. Basic Cleaning Check the weather forecast and aim to do the work on a sunny day in order to allow the awnings to dry. [Read More]