How to Get a Floral Look In Your Home Rapidly

Adding floral wallpaper to your dining room or growing your own flowers in your garden to cut and display in your hallway are great ways of achieving a more flowery appearance with your home's interior design. The trouble with these - and other floral decoration techniques - is that they are not 'quick fixes'. What do you do if you want to make your home's interior more floral but to achieve instant results? Read on to discover some great interior design tips that are ideal for flower lovers who like rapid outcomes.

Flower Stencilling 

Stencilling is a quick way of achieving any design theme you want on your walls. Anything that adds a touch of bright colour and that can be depicted using a silhouette is ideal for the process. All you need is a stencil mask made from stiff card or plastic and some vibrant paint. You can make a stencil yourself easily enough or purchase pre-made ones online if you don't mind waiting a day or two. Either way, you use the stencil to form an outline for your flower motifs by applying paint through them, ideally with a stippled effect for a natural look.

Ready to Go Flower Arrangements

A flower arrangement delivery is the very thing for people who prefer natural floral displays. These days, you don't need to order a bouquet and arrange the flowers yourself. You can find flower arrangement delivery services all over the country which will provide you with everything you need fully prepared -- and even supplied in accompanying vases if wanted. This is great for when you are hosting a dinner party, for example, and want a couple of centrepieces for your dining table which looks fresh and exciting.

Floral Throws and Linen

Reupholstering your soft furnishings with a floral design on the fabric is costly and time-consuming. It is consequently much more advantageous to purchase floral throws and to cover your sofas with them. This way, your living room will look instantly more floral. You will also have the benefit of being able to exchange your throws for new ones with ease. This helps you if your furniture suffers from a spillage which causes a stain and also means you can change your throw seasonally for preferred flowers, perhaps poppies in the spring and roses in the summer? The same can be said for choosing new bedroom linen. A duvet and pillow set with a floral design create an instant image change in any bedroom.