Advantages of Self-Storage When Downsizing

Self-storage units really come into their own when you are planning to move from a larger property to a smaller one. This is the same when it comes to personal use as it is for business storage. Moving to a smaller home or business premises usually means compromising on the items you can fit in with you. Nevertheless, selling some of your possessions or stock can be a bad move because you often don't get anything like the sales price you'd like for items which are perfectly serviceable and worth hanging on to. Keeping your things in a personal storage facility is much better. Why would you choose to use one when downsizing?


Retaining all of your belongings means you can keep everything you need even if they are not all at your new place at the same time. Things that you might only need occasionally, like Christmas decorations, for example, can be put into storage and only retrieved when you need them. Why keep your barbecue equipment with you year-round when you only want to access such items in the summer? A temporary self-storage facility provides all of the seasonal flexibility you might need without meaning that your new place becomes overcrowded.


The average self-storage business offers greater security for your items than your new home would. If you cannot fit everything you'd like to into your home, then a personal storage unit is much better than stowing your belongings into a garden shed or a garage, for example, where they can be easily accessed by intruders and overseen by passers-by. Self-storage means having your possessions under lock and key plus additional security measures, like CCTV, to protect them.


In nearly all cases, downsizing is undertaken in order to save money. Why rent or buy a place with an extra room just to store a few items you only use once in a while when it is better value to rent a storage unit? Those which occupy sites on the edge of a town or a city usually offer incredibly good rates which are much better than the alternative – spending more for your new home which is bigger than you really need.


When you stow items in a self-storage unit, you are able to gain access to them at any time. Nearly all of the best self-storage businesses around will provide you with access to your unit seven days a week, and many of them offer 24-hour access, too. Because your belongings can be stored with a bit more space, you can also find the things you need with greater convenience – so much better than overfilling a spare room with stacked crates of possessions in which you can never find anything.