3 Guidelines to Help You Select the Ideal Remote for the Door to Your Garage

As a homeowner, you should always prepare for different emergencies that might inconvenience you or even put you in harm's way. A simple and effective way to stay safe is by having secondary access control systems that you can use in case the primary ones stop working. For example, having an extra set of keys is an ideal way to ensure you can get back into the house if you experience a lockout. Similarly, you should have a spare door opener remote to help you regain access to the garage if anything happens to the primary remote. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect remote. 

Get the Relevant Information

You should start the process by getting the relevant data about your door model. The installation company typically leaves behind an owner manual containing information about the brand and opener number. Also, you can use this information to order a replacement remote. However, most people move into homes with garage doors already installed. In such circumstances, getting the manual is impossible. You can have a technician climb a ladder and check for the information from the motor unit attached to the ceiling. The data helps you get a replica from the manufacturer. 

Choose Between a Universal and Specific Remote

The next step is to choose between a universal remote and the exact model type. A universal remote can work on all similar models. On the other hand, you can have the manufacturer create a proprietary remote specific to your entryway. This type only works on one door. The advantage of choosing this option is the assurance that it will work on your door type. The downside of using the universal remote is that sometimes it will not send and receive accurate signals from the door. 

Choose the Controls

The remote controls differ in button design. For example, a universal remote control should have more than one button. Each will correspond to the door it opens. Many universal remotes come with up to four of them. The purpose of the remote should guide you in choosing the number of buttons. After making these choices, you can get your remote from your door manufacturer. 

It is wise to have a spare remote for your entryway door. It will help avoid the inconveniences of not having an alternative access control system for eventualities like loss and malfunction of the primary control system. For more information on garage door remotes, contact a professional near you.