Two reasons to buy faux flowers for your home

Here are a couple of reasons to buy faux flowers for your home.

Most forms of faux flowers are pet-friendly

If you have pets in your home, then you should consider decorating with faux flowers, as most forms of these artificial blooms are pet-friendly. Whilst, for example, some real plants and flowers are toxic to cats and dogs, no harm is likely to come to any of your household pets if they come into contact with a faux flower arrangement. As such, if for example, you had wanted to decorate with real lilies, but discovered that your cat could get ill if they consumed any part of these flowers, you could opt for faux lilies instead, without having to always keep your cat out of the room in which you've placed these flowers.

Furthermore, whilst real flowers have delicate leaves and petals, that a cat or dog could easily damage with their teeth or claws, high-quality faux flowers are typically made from durable plastics that are much harder for a pet to chew up and destroy. Because of this, you won't have to worry about having to replace damaged flowers after a day or two of having them in your home, in the way that you might if you had opted for fresh flowers.

Faux flowers don't require any specific environmental conditions to continue to look good

Another reason to consider using faux flowers in your home is that, unlike real flowers, they don't require any specific environmental conditions to continue to look good. For example, whilst a bouquet of fresh flowers might begin to wilt quite quickly if you placed it in a vase on a windowsill on a hot day, where it would be exposed to the sun's heat for several hours, a faux bouquet of roses would remain in perfect condition in this setting. Given this, if you'd like the freedom to put your bouquets of flowers near heat sources like radiators, fireplaces or sunny windowsills, faux flowers would be the best option (it is, however, important to note that faux flowers should not be placed in direct contact with a very hot surface, such as a heater, as this could cause the plastic they're made from to melt).

Similarly, if you keep dehumidifiers running in some parts of your home, then you might find that fresh-cut flowers don't last very long, due to the water in their vases drying up too quickly. In these areas, faux flowers, that don't require any water to look good, would be a better choice. 

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