Four Design Tips for Installing a Child-Friendly Patio in Your Home

Encouraging your children to spend time outdoors can boost their physical, emotional and intellectual health. A patio offers the perfect space for your kids to enjoy active, unstructured play. However, you need to choose a functional patio design to ensure your kids' safety while playing outdoors. With this in mind, check out these design tips that will help you construct a child-friendly patio in your home.

Opt for a large patio space

If you have the space and budget, opt for a large patio. Both adults and children can benefit from spending time outdoors. Therefore, a large patio offers adequate space that can accommodate both the kids and adults. It allows you to add furniture, a barbeque, a fire pit and storage for your kids' toys. You can also have a small sandbox for your kids to play in, especially if you don't have a large backyard. However, don't clutter the patio because you need adequate space for your children to run around and play.

Install a patio cover 

A patio should be usable all year round, but this is only possible if the space has a roof or covering. An uncovered patio won't be usable in the summer because of the high outdoor temperatures. Therefore, maximise the space's usability by investing in a covering, preferably an insulated roof. Insulation blocks heat during the summer and keeps the patio cool and comfortable. Therefore, your kids can play outside without suffering direct exposure to UV rays. The roof will also protect the patio from rain and snow, allowing you to enjoy the space throughout the year.

Choose child-friendly flooring

Child-friendly flooring should be soft and slip-resistant. Slippery floors can cause slip and fall accidents and injuries. Similarly, hard floors can hurt your kids when they fall. Most flooring materials are not ideal for kids due to their hard surfaces. Wood would be a great option, but it scratches easily, which makes it unsuitable for toddlers. Therefore, a good option is a floor covering. Install your preferred flooring material, such as concrete, wood, laminate, or stone. Cover the floor with artificial grass or play mats to create a soft, skid-free surface for your kids to play on. 

Barricade your elevated patio

Are you building an elevated patio? If so, remember to barricade the sides to protect your kids from falling through the spaces. Your choice of barricades should depend on the age of your children. If they are too young and can fit in the spaces between patio railings, use glass or acrylic screens over the railings. However, if your kids are older, you can opt for the conventional balustrade systems. 

Keep these design tips in mind when building a child-friendly patio. For patio design and construction, consult a professional patio builder