Design Approaches to Get the Best From Your Loft Space

Nearly all two storey suburban homes in the country have lofts which are not really utilised by their owners. You might just have hatch in the ceiling to get in and only use your loft for some long-term storage. Many homeowners don't even know what they have got stored in their loft space and they could even be keeping things that the previous occupant put there years ago. Instead of using your loft as a convenient storage solution, why not convert it into something that is truly part of your home? [Read More]

How to Choose the Right Type of Blinds for Every Room in Your New Home

If the builders have almost finished the construction of your brand-new home, it's time to think about the fixtures and fittings inside—in particular, all those window treatments. This can be quite a large task in itself, as it is unlikely that you will simply choose one particular type of window treatment for every room in the property. What do you need to think about as you narrow down your choices? [Read More]

How to Add Warmth to Your Neutral Kitchen Design

If you're designing a new kitchen for your home, you now have the chance to bring in some bold colour and style, with a fun splashback and rich, elegant flooring and benchtops. While these choices can be good for some homeowners, others may still want a more neutral kitchen, or even one that is just bright white, so that the space seems larger and cleaner. While neutral colours and even stark white can be a good choice especially for a smaller kitchen, you also don't want the space to seem cold and impersonal. [Read More]

Gutter Protection—What Types Of Guards Can You Employ?

Your property's gutters may be the last thing you think about, but this does not diminish the critical role they play in maintaining your roof in optimum condition. The gutters have to be at peak performance to make sure that precipitation is being sufficiently directed away from your roofing. Therefore, it is also essential for you to take the time to install gutter protection devices that will help in keeping your gutters operational. [Read More]