Planning a kindergarten garden

Children love to help out in the garden, and there are a lot of great education opportunities when children do some gardening with their carers. If you are looking to create a kindergarten garden, then here are some tips to help you get started. 

Safety first 

Children are very inclined to put anything in their mouth or play with new and interesting items. That means that one of the earliest bits of planning required when you start a garden is to make sure you keep the area safe.

It can be a good idea to include a lockable shed to contain any chemicals that you make need for the garden away from the children and to give you a safe place to keep any tools you might need. In addition, it's a good idea to get some advice on planting non-toxic plants, as the smaller body size of kindergarteners can make some otherwise safe food and plants become toxic at a lower dose. 

Plant some hardy plants

Young children, even when supervised closely, can be hard on plants. They are not always gentle with handling and can be eager to help by feeding or watering a plant more than it might need. They can also been very interested in physically exploring plants (including tasting leaves or flowers), so you need to plan plants that are relatively hard and can regrow if they are accidentally trodden on or have leaves removed. A plant nursery can give you some advice on what plants will grow best in your area and are the most hardy if they get 'over-loved' by eager, small gardeners. 

Year-round fun

While many plants are happy to be planted and bloom in the warmer parts o the year, you may be looking for year-round action in the garden if you want this to be a year-round part of the learning curriculum. In most parts of Australia, as the weather is relatively mild, you can continue to do some growing activity over the cooler months. A nursery can give you some tips on the types of plants that would suit your climate and that would be in bloom or change colour at different times of the year.

If you are looking to set up a new garden at your kindergarten, you should talk to a local nursery, such as Din San Nursery. They can give you some advice on creating a safe and educational garden that the kids can enjoy year round.