Big Cleaning Jobs You Need to Tackle Every Spring and Fall

Setting aside a full day every spring and fall to tackle some big cleaning jobs is very important; this type of cleaning helps to preserve your drapes, carpeting, and other surfaces and materials. Many items around the house that you don't normally clean, or don't clean very thoroughly throughout the year, will hold lots of dust and dirt, which can be damaging to their materials. A good cleaning twice a year, or as often as needed, can then make everything in your home look better and last longer. Note a few big jobs you might address every spring and fall for a clean and well-maintained home.

Window treatments

Take down the home's drapes and have them dry cleaned, or thoroughly clean the shutters or blinds in the home. Oil any rollers, hinges, and other hardware attached to shades and roller blinds.


Strip the beds in the home and use a vacuum cleaner hose with a fabric attachment to vacuum the surfaces of mattresses. Flip the mattresses and vacuum that side as well, before making the beds again. You might also clean the headboards of the beds if you don't do this regularly throughout the year.

Washer and dryer

The inside tub of your clothes washer can sometimes hold residue from laundry detergent, and from the dirt that is washed out of your clothes. Use white vinegar and a damp rag, and wash that tub thoroughly.

Use a vacuum cleaner hose to thoroughly clean the lint trap of the dryer. This is also a good time to pull the dryer away from the wall and clean any lint and debris that has settled in that area. Wipe down all the dials and buttons on the front of these machines, so they don't hold dirt.


Take everything out of all the kitchen cupboards and wipe them down thoroughly, as this will ensure your dishes and glassware are always clean. Do the same for drawers and shelves in the pantry.


It's good to get your home's carpets cleaned by a professional as needed throughout the year, as carpet fibres easily hold dust, dirt, and ground-in mud. The underside of the carpeting may also be holding mould or mildew, which can cause the carpet to actually rot ,and also damage the subfloor. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to clean those carpet fibres thoroughly and extract any debris or other such contaminants under the carpeting.