3 Effective Products To Provide Shelter For Your Deck Or Patio

Having a comfortable and spacious outdoor living space is an important consideration for many Australian homeowners. The ability to enjoy being outdoors while still being protected from the elements is why patios and decks are one of the most popular additions to homes around the country.

If you love spending time in your outdoor living space but sometimes find that the sun, rain or cold weather makes it unusable at certain times of the year, then you may be considering adding a structure that provides shade, insulation and weatherproofing to your deck or patio. Here are three popular and effective options that might be a perfect choice.

1. Retractable awnings

Awnings are exterior products that are used to shelter outdoor living spaces. They're made of heavy-duty fabric that is attached to a metal arm which can be extended or retracted as needed. The fabric is made of durable fabric that is designed to withstand the rigours of the sometimes harsh Australian climate and won't fade or become brittle after exposure to UV rays or moisture.

One of the benefits of awnings is that you have control over how far they are extended depending on the level of shelter you need. They can also be motorised and automated which means you can extend or retract the awning with one click of a remote control.

2. Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are very similar to indoor blinds but are made from tougher and weatherproof materials that are specially designed for outdoor use. They're a great option for a deck or patio that has limited space or close neighbours that make a larger awning an impractical or obtrusive choice.

Outdoor blinds provide great protection against the elements and can provide effective screening which will make your outdoor living space more private. You can also include insect screens in the blind structure so that you can enjoy your time outdoors without being bothered by mosquitoes, flies or other annoying insects.

3. Outdoor shutters

Outdoor shutters are another popular and effective way to increase the comfort of your deck or patio. The attractive structure of shutters provides excellent control over privacy, shade and wet weather and they also add character and charm to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor shutters are generally made from either timber or coated aluminium. They can be full length, covering the entire floor-to-ceiling edge of your deck or patio. Alternatively, they can be half height, covering the area between the top of your balustrades and the ceiling.