How to Create a Pleasant Outdoor Smoking Area For Guests

Got a smoking guest coming to visit, but don't want your home to end up smelling like an ashtray? Creating a pleasant outdoor smoking area is a great way to make your guest feel welcome and lay down some boundaries when it comes to smoking. They'll have an outdoor area to smoke in, so they won't be tempted to light up indoors, and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your home won't be polluted with cigarette smoke.

Read on to find out exactly how to create the perfect outdoor smoking area for your guests.

Invest in a Retractable Awning 

Installing a retractable awning is an easy way to provide shade and shelter for your smoking guests without making any major changes to your garden. You'll install a lightweight frame to the wall, normally above a patio door, and can extend and retract the awning as needed. With this option available, there's no chance that guests will ask to smoke indoors because of the elements. If you'll be housing multiple guests, be sure to choose an awning that's large enough for everyone to shelter under at one time.

Install Comfortable Seating 

A comfy outdoor seat makes the prospect of smoking out in the elements much more appealing. You have plenty of options when it comes to seating. If you're looking for a permanent fixture, a wooden or metal bench is a nice traditional option that will last a long time. For a larger number of guests, an outdoor table and chair set is ideal - there'll be room for people to put down drinks, newspapers, etc. It also serves as a great place to entertain when the weather's good. If you're planning to create this area only while your guest visits, then a folding garden chair is a good temporary solution.

Provide an Outdoor Ashtray

There's no point persuading guests to smoke outside if there's nowhere for them to throw away cigarette ends. Providing at least one large, standing ashtray is the safest option, particularly if you have multiple smoking guests visiting - you won't need to worry about emptying a larger ashtray too often, and there's no risk of the contents spilling out or creating an unpleasant odor. A tabletop ashtray is a smart move if you've providing seating and suspect people won't want to get up to put out their cigarettes. If you want an option that fits in with the rest of your garden, consider a plant pot or small metal bucket filled with sand.

Don't want guests smoking in your home? Create a pleasant outdoor smoking area to keep everyone happy.