3 Reasons Why Concrete Tiles May Make The Perfect Addition To Your Home

In recent years, concrete has gone from being considered a dull but functional building material to a contemporary and highly sought after feature in modern homes. Concrete flooring is one of the biggest trends and one that doesn't appear to be dwindling in popularity in a hurry. You may love the edgy and minimalist look of concrete flooring but have an existing home that would be extremely difficult or even impossible to accommodate one. If this is the case, then you can still achieve the same striking look by using concrete tiles. Here are three reasons why concrete tiles may make the perfect addition to your home.

1. They can be fitted in any home

Concrete tiles have the same durability and strength as solid concrete floors but provide more versatility for installment. They have a thin but sturdy profile and are lightweight in comparison to solid concrete floors. This means they can be laid over a variety of flooring surfaces without the need for reinforcement.

2. They come in a wide variety of colours

Concrete tiles provide you with the opportunity to customise the look of your home's floor with a wide variety of colours available to choose from. These colours range from the traditional industrial look of raw concrete to softer and more elegant shades of earthy colours such as dusty shale or luminous ivory. You can also opt for concrete tiles which use the natural pattern of exposed aggregate to create a dazzling and decorative finish.

3. They're suitable for the whole house

Concrete tiles are suitable for use in every room in the house. The same tiles can be given a slightly different surface finish to optimise their functionality in different rooms. For example, you could opt for a smooth finish for the living room and bedrooms but choose a lightly honed finish for the kitchen and bathroom which need to be less slippery when wet. The same tiles can also be used outdoors with a full bodied, moulded finish that's weather- and slip-resistant.

Concrete tiles are a simple, practical and highly attractive way to get the authentic look of concrete in your home. By using them throughout the interior of your home and also in your exterior living areas, you'll create a flowing, cohesive and contemporary floor which will transform your home into a modern and stylish abode that will be a joy to spend time in.