Don't Skimp on the Cost of These Kitchen Remodelling Details

When it comes time to consider a kitchen remodel for your home, you may concerned with your budget, and with how you can save the most money overall. There are some aspects of a kitchen remodel that you might scale back on, such as settling for a standard sized sink when you were really hoping for a farm-style, oversized sink and faucet set, but there are other details that are worth an added investment. Note a few suggestions in this area, so you can ensure that your kitchen remodelling dollars are well spent.


Your home's kitchen tile may suffer the most wear and tear of any flooring in the home, as the kitchen is probably the one room in the home that everyone visits, every day! Poor-quality flooring may be cheaper for you at the time of installation, but it can also easily wear out before too long, so that you need to repair or outright replace it repeatedly over the years.

For high-quality kitchen flooring, consider a nice laminate or linoleum tile, as these both have lots of protective coatings over the top. Cheaper vinyl tile may have less protection for its surface, so it may wear out much more quickly than laminate or linoleum.


Use caution about selecting a cheap pressboard or other such low-quality material for kitchen cabinets. These materials may absorb humidity very easily, and may also have poor-quality coatings that make them harder to clean. In turn, the cabinets may tend to warp and bow over time, so they don't hang properly, and may also hold food stains that you can't remove. Invest in cabinets made of a wood veneer, as these offer a dense hardwood surface that is properly sealed and easy to clean.


Before you buy wall paint for your kitchen remodel, remember that your kitchen usually has high levels of humidity from cooking, and food splatter may become airborne and wind up on any wall of the kitchen. A dropped plate of food, pets rubbing up against kitchen walls, and children touching the walls with dirty hands can also leave unsightly marks.

This is why you want a moisture-resistant, high-quality paint that is easy to clean when you repaint the kitchen. A cheaper paint that is watered down may literally wipe off every time you wash the walls, and may absorb humidity and then bubble and peel. Investing in the right paint when remodelling the kitchen will then mean fewer times you need to repaint those walls over the years.