How to Choose the Best Curtains for Any Room of Your Home

Curtains add softness and texture to your home's walls, while also providing privacy and insulation from draughty windows. Patterned curtains can even take the place of artwork!

While curtains can be the right choice for a room in your home, they can be difficult to choose, and homeowners often wind up with panels that are too big, too small or that look a bit drab and dull. To avoid this, note a few tips for how to choose the best curtains for any room of your home.

Consider their volume

Thick and heavy curtains have lots of volume, which can be good in larger rooms, as they help to fill up an empty space. That thick material can also absorb some sound, so the room doesn't echo and seem empty. Thick and heavy curtains also add a grand look to the windows, so you might choose them for a dining room, bedroom or formal living room.

However, voluminous curtains can easily overwhelm a smaller room and smaller windows. If you want the look of larger curtains in a smaller space, choose thinner panels that are simply taller. Hang the curtain rod well above the window frame. This will add height and grandeur without overwhelming the room or the window.

Consider the material

When choosing curtains, don't overlook the material. Wool will insulate a cold space but may seem too thick for a smaller room and may trap heat from direct sunlight coming through the windows. Heavy materials also won't move very easily, so if you like the look and feel of curtains swaying in the breeze, choose lighter material. Cotton is a very durable option, but note the density of the fabric's weave; a less dense weave will let in more light, whereas a very dense weave will mean more blackout for the room.

Note your need for privacy

If you don't need much privacy in a room and actually prefer to have sunlight or even the moonlight coming through the windows, opt for sheers, or cafe curtains. Sheers, as the name implies, are made of a very thin nylon material, so they let in lots of light, even when closed. Cafe curtains are meant to be installed inside the window frame, and they cover just the bottom half of the window. This can obscure the view of the neighbours when you're sitting on the sofa or at a dining table, while still keeping the top half of the window open for light.