2 Simple Additions That Will Transform Your Deck Or Patio Into A Stunning Plantation Style Outdoor Room

An outdoor living space is an important feature of the home for many Australians. Creating a deck or patio that feels like an outdoor room is a popular trend that lets you enjoy the fresh outside air while still having a comfortable and relaxing space to spend time in. If you're considering redecorating your deck or patio to make it feel more welcoming, then a plantation style look might be the perfect idea.

Plantation style is based on the decor that featured on shady verandahs in the American south and in British colonies in tropical locations around the globe during the 19th century. It's a charming and elegant mix of English refinement and exotic tropical details. Here are two simple additions that will transform your deck or patio into a gorgeous plantation style outdoor living space.

1. A wicker outdoor dining setting

Wicker furniture was a common feature in plantation homes and will make an authentic addition to your deck or patio. Wicker was popular because it was easy to work with, available in abundance and well suited to the balmy tropical climate. You can opt for a simple, white dining setting or choose a rich, chocolate brown finish for more visual impact.

A vibrant, tropical floral pattern or animal skin design for the cushion covers will transform a simple wicker dining setting into a stunning focal point. You might also like to include a matching wicker day bed or a pair of armchairs to add even more comfort to your outdoor living space. 

2. Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters were another ubiquitous feature of colonial homes, hence the name. They were considered essential for shutting out the heat of the sun and allowing the cool, evening breezes to waft through at night. For a modern home, plantation shutters serve the same purposes and they also add traditional and authentic character to your deck or patio.

Traditionally, plantation shutters were exclusively crafted from timber. Timber is still a popular material but you can also choose from coated aluminium or vinyl shutters that look fantastic and are more low maintenance and cost-effective than timber shutters.

Once you have these two key elements in place, your plantations style deck or patio is almost complete. Add a few verdant, tropical plants in decorative pots and a refreshing iced tea, and you'll feel almost as though you've been transported back in time to the 19th century.