Why Install External Blinds on Your Commercial Building

External blinds are a great choice for any commercial building, whether that's an office or storefront, or any other type of business. They offer some great advantages over internal blinds and curtains; note a few of those here, so you know why window treatments are so important for a commercial building, and can then determine the best choice for your business.

Sun blockage control

It's always good to have some sun blockage for your commercial building; too much sunlight can mean a glare on the computer screens of your staff, which can result in headaches and eyestrain. Lots of sunlight also means trapped heat inside the building, and higher utility costs throughout the summer.

However, you may not want to completely block sunlight from coming into your building, even during the warmest summer days. Natural light helps workers feel energized and upbeat, whereas blocking the sun and only using fluorescent overhead lights can make an office feel dim and drab. Diners in a restaurant, or shoppers in a retail store, may also appreciate natural light inside your business, as this makes the space seem brighter and more welcoming. External blinds can allow for some light filtering so you reduce glare and trapped heat, but without blocking out the sun completely.

Wind and vibration protection

Larger buildings with several floors may experience lots of vibration along the windows, as they are more prone to being hit with high winds. This vibration can be very distracting to workers inside the building, and also cause damage to the windows. Exterior blinds can protect windows from such damage, and especially during strong storms that may kick up flying debris. This can mean a quieter work environment and less risk of damage to the window glass.

Fire resistance

Curtains inside an office can provide noise insulation and protection from heat and cold coming through the windows, but they can also be a fire hazard! Cloth curtains that get too close to an overloaded electrical outlet may actually catch fire; curtains may also easily feed the flames of a fire, and allow it to spread. Exterior blinds are not a fire hazard, and ones made of fire-resistant materials can actually stop a fire from spreading, protecting your building.


Motorized exterior blinds may be more durable than internal blinds, the cords of which can easily shred and break over time. Curtains can also become very dirty and dingy and need consistent dry cleaning. Their cords may also eventually break and need replacing, whereas motorized exterior blinds may last for years without ever needing repair.