Living in a Shared Apartment? Here's How Blinds are Perfect for You!

With Australian cities becoming busier and busier, more city dwellers are having to come to terms with living in shared spaces. Whether it's your first step to a shared apartment or you're just looking to improve your shared living space, blinds of all kinds can be the perfect solution to a few apartment issues you might be facing. Here's how:


The biggest challenge you face in a shared apartment is making the best of a small space. Blinds eliminate this challenge by making your apartment more spacious. Unlike heavy curtains that clutter a small space, blinds fit neatly into a window and can easily retract or roll into a clean line.

Also, outdoor blinds allow you to extend your living space into your balcony. They allow you the privacy of indoor living, which means you can use your balcony for extra sitting or as a quiet corner for reading or relaxing.


There is nothing more important than keeping a shared space ventilated and well lit. Proper lighting and ventilation keeps your apartment fresh and warm and helps your day going.

Blinds provide you with more control over lighting and ventilation. They provide a feeling of airiness in small, cluttered spaces and light the darkest pokiest room without you needing to keep your lamps on all day long.

Perception of space

Other than taking actual space, curtains and drapes give a cluttered feel to a small room. On the other hand, the crisp, clean lines offered by blinds, especially roller blinds, can give a small room a feeling of roominess and lightness.


Curtains are a must have in your décor list; they keep the sun rays out of your apartment. But what if there was a better choice? One where rather than having the all-or-nothing heating and insulation approach that curtains provide, you could gain both the benefits of insulation as well as heat?

A combination of outdoor blackout blinds and sun shades can give you the best of both worlds. They help you cut the glare while preserving the sun's warm rays. They offer the perfect solution, especially if your roommate dislikes the sun glares.


Living in a shared apartment means you often have to rub shoulders with your roommate. The efficient solution to achieving your privacy is Venetian blinds.

Clever room divider

Did you know you can use blinds as a partition? You can hang vertical blinds or roller blinds to separate your sleeping area, you working area or use them for partitioning your living area.