Interior Consulting: From Concept to Concrete

There's nothing more exciting than renovating your home, but knowing where to start can be daunting. More and more, homeowners are turning to interior consultants to advise them on the ideal colours, styles and moods for their unique spaces.

Interior consulting is a specialised industry, populated by people in the know. Only an interior consultant with long-standing experience in the business is equipped to pinpoint the trends that will soon be a nod in the direction of yesteryear, and those that are here to stay.

Some common areas in which to consult an interior designer are:

  • Colour palettes, to guide your choice in paint and paper, furnishings, kitchen and bathroom benches and window treatments.

  • Textile choices for every room in the house.

  • Metal finishes for your fixtures or interest pieces.

  • Flooring materials, including tiles, floorboards, manufactured materials and many interesting combinations of these.

  • Lighting fixtures, from custom-designed works to recycled and repurposed pieces ready to take centre stage in your home.

  • Which of your treasured art pieces to feature or, conversely, how to design your room around your favourite works of art.

Interior consulting is also concerned with the less tangible aspects that are pivotal in successfully creating a cohesive sense of space. A consultant can help you to:

  1. Foster a mood through the use of colour, texture and lighting.

  2. Establish a nostalgic sense of place. A consultant could, for example, capture the spirit of a far-flung destination through the use of the colours and flavours of a country you love, alongside strategic use of a few special pieces you've brought back from holiday.

  3. Assist you to blend your spaces, for example by using elements of design to transition from an indoor to an outdoor entertaining space, or move seamlessly from bedroom to bathroom.

  4. Use the individual elements of your home to tell a story, much as if each finish, texture and shade was a character in a book.

  5. Advise you on the architectural elements of a full or partial renovation.

Interior consulting is also largely about networks, and engaging the services of a consultant will open the door to designers and artisans who can craft you custom furniture, hand-blown glass lighting, window treatments and works of art that will work seamlessly within your re-envisioned space.

Whether you are embarking on a light refresh of a favourite space or a dramatic remodel of your entire home, interior consulting offers you the opportunity to experience a new and informed perspective. So, if you're ready to sample fresh ideas, dabble in new tastes and see your inspiration transformed into three-dimensional life before your eyes, give a consultant a call.