Are you planning to buy some trees?

Do you need to plant some trees? Maybe you have a large garden that could benefit from more greenery. Perhaps you are working for a company building a new residential development, and you want to add trees and other greenery to create a more pleasant environment. The easiest way to create the greenery you need is by visiting a wholesale tree nursery and seeing what they have in stock. When you visit the wholesale tree nursery, you can't just choose trees that you think would look good on your development. Many considerations must be thought through before you can make a final decision. Here are just three of them.

Will the tree thrive?

When looking at a tree, you must decide whether it is a good fit for the area where you want to plant it. Think about the prevailing temperature and rainfall in the area, as well as whether the drainage is good enough to prevent the tree from becoming waterlogged. Is there is enough light available? Will the tree will grow well in the type of soil on that site? It's also worth thinking about the amount of attention the tree will need once it is planted. With enough help, many trees can be grown in a wide range of locations, but will you have the necessary time to care for the tree in the years ahead, or would a lower-maintenance tree be a more practical option?

What purpose will the tree serve?

Sometimes, you want to buy trees solely to improve the appearance of the area. However, in many cases, the trees are intended to serve a practical function. Do you want a line of trees to act as a screen to hide buildings from view? Is a windbreak needed to enable full use to be made of a public square? Consider the shape of the trees you are buying and whether they will serve the intended purpose. Is the foliage dense enough? Will they grow to the desired height, or are they going to leave gaps to spoil the view or let the wind whistle through? If you aren't sure what a full-grown tree might look like, your local wholesale tree nursery should be able to guide you.

Have you chosen healthy specimens?

At a wholesale tree nursery, you must select the trees you want, not just pick a particular species. When you are inspecting the trees before purchase, check that the tree appears well-watered and healthy. You should also look for any signs of infection or insect infestation. If you notice a scarred trunk or curling leaves, it's best to look at a different tree rather than taking a risk on a tree that may die or infect the rest of your stock.