Why Install External Blinds on Your Commercial Building

External blinds are a great choice for any commercial building, whether that's an office or storefront, or any other type of business. They offer some great advantages over internal blinds and curtains; note a few of those here, so you know why window treatments are so important for a commercial building, and can then determine the best choice for your business. Sun blockage control It's always good to have some sun blockage for your commercial building; too much sunlight can mean a glare on the computer screens of your staff, which can result in headaches and eyestrain. [Read More]

2 Simple Additions That Will Transform Your Deck Or Patio Into A Stunning Plantation Style Outdoor Room

An outdoor living space is an important feature of the home for many Australians. Creating a deck or patio that feels like an outdoor room is a popular trend that lets you enjoy the fresh outside air while still having a comfortable and relaxing space to spend time in. If you're considering redecorating your deck or patio to make it feel more welcoming, then a plantation style look might be the perfect idea. [Read More]

4 Things That Shorten Roller Garage Door Life

Are you wondering how you can prolong the useful life of your new roller garage door? Read on and discover some of the common things that often compromise the service life of roller doors. Use this information as you conduct routine roller door maintenance. Poor Balance The door opener is likely to wear out quickly if you keep using it to operate a roller door that is out of balance. This is because that opener will be compelled to work much harder than would have otherwise been necessary to open or close a balanced door. [Read More]

How to Choose the Best Curtains for Any Room of Your Home

Curtains add softness and texture to your home's walls, while also providing privacy and insulation from draughty windows. Patterned curtains can even take the place of artwork! While curtains can be the right choice for a room in your home, they can be difficult to choose, and homeowners often wind up with panels that are too big, too small or that look a bit drab and dull. To avoid this, note a few tips for how to choose the best curtains for any room of your home. [Read More]